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Interactive Smart Touch Flat Panel

  • 3840x2160(4K)
  • Infrared 20 points touch
  • Built in 20W x 2 speakers and 15W x 1 woofer
  • Built in bluetooth V5.2 & wifi 6.0
  • Bundle with whiteboard software android & windows version
  • Support various apps and software, such as DMS, eshare, zoom, google meet...etc
  • Front Button: 7-Function key for Source, Menu, Menu Up/Down, Vol. Up/Down, Touch On/Off


Built-in Speakers, 4K Webcam, Microphone & Multi Interface

Origin A graded panel with 4K resolution, using vector-graph to make sure image with bright and lifelike color. 178° view angle with less blind spot.

Anti Glare, Anti-Fingerprint and Antimicrobial Tempered Glass.

USB Plug and Play for Visualizer

Combine “Whiteboard”, “Computer”, “Touch TV”, “Projector” Functions Together

Gesture Identify

Optical Bonding Process

Built-in MS Office & Whiteboard Software


Whiteboard Functions: Zoom in/out, Math Tools, Video Recording, Photo Bank….etc.


Production Process


Interactive Touch Screen for Large Screen - Optical Bonding

Interactive displays in market consist of many layer glasses, it's thick and cause glare in glass. Also, it is hard to write at exactly point through thick glass of touch panel to underneath LED display.  Optical bonding interactive touch panel solve this problem. Optical bonding is zero fit, there is no gap between LED display and touch panel.  It's why it is accurate when writing or drawing, and no glare at all.   Also, it looks thinner & slimmer. Our available sizes are 55/65/75/85/100 inches.

Our Interactive Touch Panel Features:
  • Better Durability than General IFP in Market
  • Much Better Accuracy compare to other IFP in Market
  • Anti-glare
  • Optical Bonding of Touch Screen
  • Equipped with Camera and Speaker
  • Bundle with E-share software for multi screens interaction
  • Bundle with "whiteboard tool" software for classroom
  • 4mm temper glass in front of panel
  • 178 degree viewing angle
  • 20 Points Touch on Android & Windows

How Smartboards for Classroom to Improve Learning Experience


What Is Optical Bonding & Advantage? 

Traditionally, interactive displays are attached to LCD cells with adhesive tape by the edges of the screen glass. This creates an air gap between the LCD cell and the screen glass that is detrimental to the performance of the display no matter how thin the air gap is. The gap results in setbacks which include a more fragile screen glass, loss of touch accuracy, and a narrower viewing angle, among others.

Optical bonding is the process of gluing the touchscreen glass to the LCD cell in order to completely fill the air gap between them. This is done to improve overall performance, decrease the total display weight, and make the touchscreen sturdier.  Here are the top 5 benefits: 

1. Greater durability 


2. Improved viewing experience 


3. Improved touch experience 


4. Maximum dust & moisture protection 

5. Reduced display weight, especially big screen.


Interactive Whiteboard for Classroom

Interactive white board (IWB) is popular nowadays and it can replace traditional whiteboard in classroom.  Traditional whiteboard is very boring when teach and hard to catch students' eyes.  On the other hand, Interactive board function as the combination of whiteboard and tablet.  You can use any education apps from PC and make annotation by whiteboard at any time.  Teaching is not boring at all.  Available sizes: 82"/88"/96"/100".

How to Use:
PC + Projector + Whiteboard


Our IWB Advantage:
1. Writing smoothly and fluently with high precision.

2. Board material is made by aluminum honeycomb.
3. 4 points calibration only.
4. Easy to maintenance or replace PCB.
5. Low glare when projection.
6. Easy to write/erase when use whiteboard markers.
7. Bundle with Intelligent Pen Tray ( 4 colors pen + 1 eraser )
8. 10 points input by finger or object at one time. ( 20 points can be optional )






IFP Interactive Touch Screen for Teaching

Interactive displays are what the best popular equipment at classroom nowadays.  It makes teacher easier on teaching and catch students' eyes on learning.  Not only whiteboard functions, there are so many special tools inside IFP, including remote class taking and multi screen sharing functions.  It combines TV, tablet, PC, projector, calk board..etc, teacher also users can download any interesting apps by themselves on class.   Here are our product features:

  • Replace computer, tablet, projector, TV, chalk boards...etc.
  • High resolution, 178 degree wide angle
  • Ultra slim model and not bulky at all.
  • High speed, fluent on writings by finger or any object. 
  • Can be 20 points (people) write at a same time. 
  • MS office built-in.
  • Many tools in whiteboard for math, science, geography, astronomy, good for students from kindergarten to University.
  • Android 9.0
Available Sizes: 55", 65", 75", 85", 98"



Digital Scanning for Paper and Image

This paper/document scanner is UVC/UAC compliant with USB plug-and-play connectivity and features a built-in microphone. And it supports integration with all popular video conferencing apps like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, Cisco Webex, and Go To Meeting, so you're ready to tackle distance learning. Crystal Clear Image Quality With a 13MP camera resolution and 4K @ 30fps capability, this document scanner lets you zoom in on any objects and see every detail with stunning clarity.

• 4K @ 30fps live demo smoothly, no lag at all

• Ultra slim at only 13mm and with a 13MP rear camera, it can work as a webcam as well

• Plug and play, no driver needed

• Focus and rotate buttons

• Built-in conference microphone

• UVC / UAC compliant

• My work with Zoom or any conference program

• Free software package for education, with split screen functionality

• Only 13 grams, the size of a single mobile phone. Lightweight and portable for distance learning








1665041088134.pngBrand: INNOVTECH

8MP Document Scanner

The V8 is an attractive, sleek lightweight smart scanner with built-in a 8.0-megapixel CMOS sensor, it’s a great ideal tool for use in office or at home, as well as being portable enough for travel. It is faster, more accurate, and easier to use than smartphones to digitalize, convert and edit documents, books, magazines, and IDs into an editable PDF, Word, Excel, and Text formats. Easy to use and quick to install, this sleek and attractive lamp is Plug & Play and compatible with all operating systems. Along with these great features, you can also use the bundled OfficeCam software with this device to take snapshots or even record videos and share them. 






Interactive Touch Table

Not only a table, but also with the function for multi interaction and learning

Interactive Smart Table / Interactive Desk / Interactive Touch Table for learning

Available sizes: 32/43/49/55/65/75/86/98 inch

  • IPS Screen
  • Wide Viewing Angle
  • Vivid color display
  • Multi touch
  • Anti-scratch and waterproof
  • Built in whiteboard software 
  • Built in wifi module



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